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Folder Player apk Fast Download

Folder Player apk
Folder Player apk

Current Version : Varies with device
Requires Android : Varies with device
Category : Music And Audio
Size : Varies with device

Folder Player apk Description

This is a totally free (NO Ads!) minimalistic but powerful alternative music player which uses folders to play music or audiobooks with 100,000 active users around the world as of April 2013. Supports MP3 format, and *if* supported by your hardware, FLAC, WAV, AAC, WMA among others)

Navigate deep to any directory you like and play it. You can play individual files too.

Already have your music organized in folders? Folder Player gives you direct access to your library.


Longer Story:

Folder Player is a freeware which knows how to play whole directories. It can browse and play individual files, folders, or full folder trees.

Why another music player for Android?

There are many great mp3 players out there. If you're happy with them, you probably don't need another one. But chances are, you have same problem as I had before I created this app - you tried many players (like MortPlayer or WinAmp), and your mp3 tag-based access to your music still too cumbersome, because your world defined - yes - by folders.

Is Folder Player a solution?

If you want to manage playlists, album pictures, and edit mp3 tags - Folder Player is probably not the right fit.

Cutting those unnecessary (in my opinion) features allowed me to focus on things that really are important: browsing and playing music on a portable device, and that's exactly what makes this app stand out.

Playlists are useless most of the time (IMO). They're killing user experience. Folders and subfolders are much more efficient: you open player, and you get to the music you love right away.

I need you feedback to help me make this app better:

If you like the player - it is important to rate this app - here is why:
More people rate it -> more people see it -> more feedback -> more updates

(by the way same applies to other apps you like, rate them too!)

Other features include:

- integration with bluetooth headphones (and car)
- integration with (via scrobbler)
- pauses during phone calls and navigation speech
- sequential and random play
- configurable settings
- Equalizer
- Double press headset button to skip track
- Search (Android 4+)

I would like to thank all the fans of this app, for your feedback, donation, translations and also Uplink ( who helped me with the UI for this app.

(Translation Note) - if you see weird description in your native language - thats because it was translated by robots :)
Also - I need your help translating UI to your language as well - please let me know if you would like to volunteer.

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